My Favorite Things from the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I will say it. I flipping love the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I didn’t even know what it was up until a few years ago when I bought what became a dozen amazing, stylish staples that got me through the next four years (I still wear most of them), including the $40 sweaters and boyfriend coats you all love and ask about (as seen in photo below–I kept it in two colors and don’t regret it a bit)! Oh–and boots! Ah so many good things.

This year I got… way too much. The skincare selection was bananas. Luxury serums for half the price have me sold. Oh, it’s also the time of year I stock up a few new of my favorite bras and underwear at half the price. I heard a ton of stuff was sold out, so when I finally got to sit down and browse this morning I was thrilled with how much was still available! Here are some of my favorites, including a few trending fall items I can’t wait to add to my closet!

I am picking some of my order up today, so I’ll add photos once I have them!

I didn’t get all of this; but I got quite a bit. What I got is marked with an asterisk. But others are similar items to things I’ve bought in the past that I love.

1. collapsible travel bag

2. straw panama hat

3. *midi black dress – a great staple

4. charcoal fedora

5. *barefoot dreams cardigan (top seller)

6. wubby coat – every woman I know who runs cold is obsessed with this

7. *shacket – I never got one last season so I’m excited to see these are still in. I got this for myself!

8. *wireless bra – comfy for WFH life

9. *high rise seamless underwear – great for all the high rise pants!

10. *chunky sole boot – the must have shoe for fall, nsale has a tone of versions! I love this one.

11. *nude pump – I needed; the price is amazing

12. *longline army green quilted jacket – love this fashionable fall option for moms looking to feel a lil

13. *classic black hoodie in a cute silhouette

14. *luxe sweater – will live in for WFH, friend brunches, holidays, et al.

15. *comfy thongs – a great staple, I bought a few

16. *distressed denim – I didn’t love a lot of the denim options (trends are all over the place these days) but these are fantastic

17. *trendy winter coat – I bought this. Definitely a step out of my comfort zone. Will report back.

18. *Spanx leather leggings – after seeing everyone rave about these for years, I took the plunge! Will report back on these also.

19. boyfriend coat in a lovely blue hue – reminds me of the grey and blush coats I bought years ago and live in. Tres Parisian.

20. OTK black boot – also bought these years ago, they’re a favorite

21. comfy pajamas – a popular favorite, similar to Eberjey at a fraction of the price

22. low v-neck sweater – a favorite at an amazing price, bought last year and lived in

23. *slouchy sweater – another option I’d live in–reminds me of the sweater I bought in 3 colors last year that I love and still wear

24. *Natori bra – this is the bra I wear every day

25. classic denim – I own these and wear them constantly

26. *joggers with pockets. Whenever I’m at home with my kids and wearing black leggings, I wish I had pockets to schlep stuff around the house. This solves that need. Bought.

27. wireless bra option #2 because gotta love that wireless

28. *basic black pump – for when you inevitably have to put on heels again

29. *hooded black leather jacket – another #coolmom option. Pair with said joggers, you’re favorite white tee, and it’s a look.

30. luxe v-neck sweater – I want to wear this at all the holidays and family Christmas card photos and every other day in between – at an amazing price!

31. cowlneck sweater – a cozy favorite

32. long line coat – love this color and silhouette

33. *asymmetrical skirt – ok this is beautiful, and I’m not a big skirt person

34. *high rise black denim – I have this in blue wash and bought these in black

35. textured sweater – gives me all the New England back to school vibes

36. boyfriend coat – another luxe version of the oversized coats I bought a few years ago that you all love!

37. puffer – great brand, great price, great for winter

38. *joggers with pockets – because you probably need more than one pair


1. Nuna Rava carseat – got this for Charlie; we’re not thrilled with the Maxi Cosi and have heard great reviews about the Rava. Someone DMed me and said her friend’s two daughters were unharmed in a horrible car accident thanks to the Rava. Sold. Would recommend the infant carseat as well!

2. Stokke convertible high chair – people love this thing and it looks great

3. Ugg slippers – great gift for holidays for yourself or your mama!

4. Thule double stroller

5. Barefoot Dreams blanket – maximum cozy

6. Perricone MD skincare set

7. Patchology rejuvenating eye gels for tired eyes

8. St. Tropez self tanner – my friend uses this and I’m dying to try; great sale price

9. Supergoop Play spray suncreen – I use this on my kiddos, buying in bulk!

10. Bobbi Brown duo face and eye creams

* Bonus: forgot to number but love this Lancome makeup remover

11. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser – love the smell, love how gentle it is

12. Lancome anti-aging serums; has over 9k 5 star reviews on Sephora. Give me all the serums

13. Nuface, facial toning kit – I have this and love it!

14. PMD at-home microderm set, I have this and love it!

15. Herbivore bath set – another great gift item for yourself or someone else!

16. Charlotte Tillbury Magic Cream anti-aging set

17. Nest fragrance diffuser duo – one of my favorite home scents

18. Charlotte Tillbury Pillow Talk lip gloss set

19. Bobbi Brown Crushed lip color duo

20. Diptyque travel candle set – great price to get to know the scents!

21. NARS Orgasm blush duo – the only blush I use, great price1

22. neuBROW enhancing serum – need for my sparse brows

23. Le Labo jumbo hand soap – this brand has a cult following; excited to try the hand soap

24. Charlotte Tillbury Pillow Talk beauty set

25. Reusable make-up wipes

26. Benefit They’re REAL mascara set – one of the few mascaras that can make my little lashes stand out

*Bonus: the best smelling dry shampoo on the planet