Our Baby Registry: 7 Big Items That Are as Sleek as They Are Functional

The question I get from all of you the most (after wanting to hear about the nursery plans) is what’s going on our baby registry. And yes, I will eventually share the whole thing!

I posted a few weeks ago that when I first sat down to look at registering I was completely overwhelmed. SO.MUCH.BABY.GEAR. My head was spinning and so many products seemed similar, and we didn’t know what was needed or not.

Enter – the help of all of you!

Hah and after spending a bit of time looking at what is out there and weighing options, it actually became much easier. I even ended up falling in love with some products that I’m now so excited to get!

The biggest priorities for us when choosing what to register for are:

  • first: don’t get too much stuff.
  • second: find safe, quality pieces that work for baby, us, and, our home/life. Yes, it matters to us that our home doesn’t look completely overrun by baby (or kids). I’ve seen so many parents do this successfully and am inspired to follow suit. It was also a very big theme in the one and only baby book we read… kids become a part of parents’ life. Not the other way around. So many of you messaged me on Instagram saying this is totally possible. It’s all about having clear organization and storage options for toys and kid stuff, and setting rules and limits.

I know I haven’t used any of these yet (what first-time mom creating a registry has?!), but based on reviews and personal recommendations from friends and strangers on Insta (thank you!), here are a few of the big items we’ll be registering for for Baby S!


So here we go… 7 BIG items (literally big – they take up a lot of room) that are as beautiful as they are functional!


1. The Carseat – Uppababy’s Mesa in Henry (chambray)

The carseat choice was between the UppaBaby Mesa (above) and the Britax B-Safe Elite Infant Carseat (which is apparently the safest and fun fact the carseat that Will and Kate use for their bebe’s!). Honestly I went with this because I love how it worked with the stroller I wanted (below), how it looked, and it had equally great reviews.

I would do the Loic (white) but the carseat doesn’t come in that color, oddly, so I’m going with the next best option: this beautiful chambray which is technically called Henry on the site. I just love soft colors for babies!


2. The Stroller – Uppababy’s Vista in Loic (white)

It’s a black and white stroller with brown leather handle. As Chandler would say, could this stroller BE any prettier?

And the reviews on functionality and safety are all amazing. The UppaBaby Vista was an easy choice. The color “Loic” is the white option but it comes in several others! The Mesa carseat pops right into it, then you can transition to this more traditional seat once baby is a little older.

Last but not least, this powerhouse can carry up to THREE kids so it grows with a growing family.


3. The Bouncer – bloom’s Coco Go 3-in-1 Organic Bouncer in white

After feeling a little stuck on the many swing/bouncer/nest options, I was sold as soon as I saw bloom’s Coco bouncer. It’s functional and beautiful – exactly what I’m looking for for something that is going to be a short-term permanent fixture on our dining room table and in our living room. This will blend right in!

We’re going with the white with light wood frame but it comes in three great colors! They have another stylish design, but I love that this folds flat and the incline is adjustable.



4. The Pack N’ Play – 4moms Breeze Playard in grey

So the 4moms Breeze pack-n-play had me sold for three reasons: again, LOVE how it looks. It says grey but it seems black? Not sure. But it’s incredibly easy to open and close (yay!), and the height of the mattress is adjustable so it can be raised for infant stage. We’ll take this with us every time we visit grandparents and siblings. Danielle and I could even use it in the office!



5. The Baby Nest – snuggle me organic

I asked a lot of you about the Dock-a-Tot on insta and the reviews were quite mixed! Then I heard from a few of you to go with this option – the Snuggle-Me-Organic is an organic, more pillow-y option developed by a mom of 7 in Minnesota. I don’t know about all of you, but I definitely trust moms with more experience… and she has the experience!

And this looks like an awesome option to have baby rest in next to us on bed, sofa, or while we’re cooking.



6. The High Chair – phil&teds Lobster High Chair

My brother brought one of these to the lake house for his baby girl this past summer and said “you need to get this when you have kids!” (This was before we were pregnant.) Hah And we are! (I’m an easy sell.)

Hah but really, this eliminates adding yet another new piece of furniture to the home (a traditional high chair). So we’re going to try just using this, which easily attaches to most tables (except those with glass tops, I believe) and an EZPZmat at our dining table. This is also folds flat and is great and easy to bring to other people’s homes and restaurants!


7. The Changing Pad – Keekaroo Peanut in Vanilla

Ok this one is actually still a little TBD but it’s definitely between the Keekaroo (shown here) and the very similar Hatch which has a scale built in.

Yes, I’d love a beautiful changing pad cover but now that you know we’re having baby boy, we are definitely going with one of these easy-to-wipe-down changing pad options. Baby boys apparently just pee everywhere all the time? Yea… easy clean-up sounds good. Hah We’re getting a few blankets and covers to throw on top for winter because a few of you said this can get cold when temps drop.


As I said, I’ll be sharing more and eventually a full list of our registry! Hope this helps as I know a lot of you are up in the air making these same decisions!


feature image via @snuggle_me_organic