Our Holiday Bedroom Tour

Did you hear?! Serena & Lily is 25% off this weekend – you’re hearing that right! I have a ton of SL in our home–namely our bedroom!– so I thought I’d review some of my favorite pieces while showing you how I decorated the space for the holidays!

I also want to note we have a Serena & Lily ottoman in our family room that I’m regularly asked about! It is so great, and basically an extension of our sofa. It’s large but light enough to move around if needed. The boys treat it like their personal jungle gym, we use it as a leg rest, but it also acts like a practical coffee table with a tray on it. I recommend a darker color if you have a kid-friendly home. Not worth the stress of spills or stains!

Our Bedroom (everything below is 25% off!):

The bed: we have the upholstered Wickham Shelter Bed. We got this bed three years ago and I couldn’t be more happy with it! I highly recommend upholstered over a slipcovered style as the slipcovered can tend to look a bit messy, especially if it doesn’t fall perfectly right and tends to get wrinkled. We have the king size and it’s so luxe.

The rug: another item we’ve had for three years. Despite the light color, it barely shows any wear! It is so soft and cozy underfoot, ideal for a bedroom.

The nightstands: I love how wide these are and they’re available in three colors. I went with the black because I love the contrast of the cane shelf, but you really can’t go wrong with any color.

The arm chair: perfect for reading or working in on a cozy day! This chair is such a beautiful, traditional style, and I went with a subtle stripe pattern.

The lidded baskets: we own five of these and use them for everything from laundry in our bedroom to toy storage in the boys’ playroom. You can see the large and medium in the last photo above.

Bedding and throw pillows: I’ve had a variety of Serena and Lily bedding over the years and it’s so soft stays soft for years. Their linen options are a favorite of mine, as well as their patterns. The linen throw pillow is also SL! 

Last but not least, I cannot recommend this bed tray enough!! It’s a show stopper and SO practical–ideal for working or eating in bed!

Other items:

Our window treatments are from Wovn Home!


Our Dining Area:


Other Items in Our Home:


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