The Affordable Skincare Brand I’ve Been Using for My Winter/Pregnancy Skin Woes

If I’ve had one major side effect of this pregnancy… (along with acid reflux…) it’s SERIOUSLY dry skin. Apparently this happens from pregnancy hormones? Cool. But coupled with dry Chicago winter air it has been b-r-u-t-a-l.

I’ve been doing it all to combat it. Moisturize multiple times a day, sleep with a humidifier, drink loads of water and eat recommended food like avocado and nuts. And I’ve tried a number of products on my skin helping to curb these ailments.

That being said – when you go through as much moisturizing product as I do, you start needing something more on the affordable end… I found one brand that I’ve really been loving and has extremely friendly price points. Have you heard of Advanced Clinicals? They have a wide range of product including face masks and a number of oils and serums, everything I use is marked at $15 – awesome – so here are the few I’ve been using during my pregnancy this winter the past couple of months!



First I asked the folks at Advanced Clinicals for a few tips about applying skincare:

What Order Should You Apply Skincare?

It’s important to layer products from thinnest to thickest. This means you start with your toner (water thin), build up to a serum, then moisturizer. The last step should either be SPF and makeup.


What should you do if you use two serums?

Start with the thinnest one first. If they are the same thickness, it doesn’t matter which one you use first. But If you use two serums, do not mix them together. This will dilute the concentration of active
ingredients in your product! Use the thinner one first.


What comes first, Serum or Oil?
Serum! The reason: your water-based serum will absorb into your skin, and the oil will help
seal it in.


What comes first, Oil or Moisturizer?
We recommend starting with an Oil, and follow with a moisturizer. Some people like to add a drop of
oil to their moisturizer once in awhile for an extra hydration boost. This is fine, but if your moisturizer
contains actives like Salicylic Acid, Retinol or Vitamin C, you could be diluting the potency of those


Alrighty – here’s what I’ve been using and recommend!




Vitamin C serum –> on face and neck in the morning

Does anyone else get texts like this from their mom…

“Are you using a Vitamin C serum? You should be. First thing in the morning. Make sure you’re using one. Have a good day! And let me know if you’re coming for dinner on Sunday.”

Being the obedient daughter I am… I listened. I usually mix up my facial serums from morning to night and day to day, and this is the newest one I’ve added to my regimen (only $15!). It’s something you should add to your skin routine pregnant or not, but if you are expecting, Vitamic C serum is a great safe ingredient that counters hyperpigmentation – it can prevent changes in skin color such as melasma or chloasma, both common pregnancy symptoms. I wish I had been using this when we went to Arizona – I was PARANOID about staying out of the sun, when all I really was to be in the sun!


Coconut Oil –> for scalp

So this little ditty – the Coconut Oil ($15) – is what I’ve been using to help with my… dandruff!

As soon as winter hit in December, I’ve had crazy dry skin on my scalp right at my hairline along my forehead. I’ve had this happen in winters past but pregnancy made it much worse this year and even farther down closer to my ears – where I only ever had it right at the top.

I love treating my scalp with an oil as opposed to just dandruff shampoos. And they prove more effective! I drop it all along my hair before going to bed and gently massage it into the scalp. You can notice a difference within days.



Stretch Mark Prevention and Dryness

I’ve been rotating the above two products–the Collagen Skin Rescue Lotion and Coconut Body Repair Oil (both products are $15 each) on my belly, arms, and legs to keep my skin ultra-hydrated, prevent stretch marks on my growing belly, and keep my limbs moisturized through these dry dry months. My legs get in really bad shape dryness-wise for some reason – I think all the friction against my leggings, I’m guessing? But I apply lotion or oil before bed and first thing when I wake up or get out of the shower, and that, combined with regular exfoliating has helped a lot!

I got the approval from my doctor to use the Collagen Lotion and I really love that it’s unscented – for anyone out there who is particularly sensitive to smells (like myself).

And speaking of smells – the coconut body repair oil smells oh so good. Tucker always hangs out right by when I apply it – I think he wants to eat it. It’s blended with scar and stretch mark hero Cocoa Butter, along with avocado and neem oils.

Other Products

These are two other products I picked up for pregnancy-related ailments – the Stretch Mark lotion and the Vein Care cream. I’ve definitely had some issues with swollen ankles (nothing HORRIBLE) but I notice my socks will leave a mark… and while I haven’t had any vein issues yet, I got this as a preventative measure because I know many women get their first spider veins or varicose veins during pregnancy. Ingredients microalgae, green tea, and collagen all help prevent them.

The Stretch Mark Lotion has coffee seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil and brightening licorice root, all of which help add elasticity to the skin! Applying this stuff ALL over…hips, butt, thighs, tatas, tum. So far so good… knock on wood!