The Natural Beauty Products I’ve Been Using During Pregnancy

I’ve been on the “natural beauty” product train for a few years now, since a family member had cancer and warned all of us of the risk of parabens and made a push that we all start using products with more natural ingredients. You know – words you can pronounce.

Of course when I found out I was pregnant – I did another major sweep of our medicine cabinet, make-up bag, and under the sink. Good news was there are so many more brands on the market now being more strict about what goes into their products, it makes it much easier to find items that work for you.

Here are a few favorites I’ve been using since September and highly recommend!

Levert Beauty

Levert is a one-stop online shop if you’re in the market for natural beauty products. They carry a number of brands and offer everything from shampoo and face masks to make-up and tanners. I’ve been loving this volumizing shampoo and conditioner, this barely there lip gloss, and this Vitamic C serum to rotate with my other serum. They also offer natural nail polishes for those of you wanting to be extra careful!


Primally Pure

I’m new to Primally Pure but have really enjoyed their products. I just shared on stories that I use this Jasmine body oil all over before bed which leaves my skin feeling oh-so soft in the morning.

I’ve also been using their natural deodorant in Geranium scent and love it (note it is for odor, not sweat prevention since sweat prevention usually includes lots of bad stuff)! This face cream moisturizer is also great for anyone with dry skin (very rich–my skin has been INSANELY dry during pregnancy, even more than normal in winter and this stuff is working wonders).



Yes–Aesop is the famed “It brand” hand wash I was raving about. But I use and love this anti-oxident serum. A bit pricey which is why I asked for it for Christmas and got it as a gift.


As for make-up, I haven’t changed this routine too much. The Supergoop CC cream I put all over my face is already paraben-free which I love–this acts as a foundation and concealer and really evens out my skin tone. I would probably benefit from switching up my bronzer. I also started using this body wash by Fresh and this vitamin C body scrub from Levert. It’s really helped with the dry winter skin.




Hand Soap
Anti-oxidant Serum
Nail Polish
Face Moisturizer
Face Luminizer
Lip Gloss
Body Wash
Vitamin C Serum
Body Oil
CC Cream