The Top 20 Saved Photos of My Instagram This Year

We all know there are likes and comments and shares on Instagram, but there’s also a feature business accounts have that offers really valuable insight. It’s the “saved” feature. I can see how many times an image I post gets saved by followers.

After looking over analytics for the year, one thing is clear: the boys get a lot of likes (can’t blame you – they’re the best). My home gets saved… tucked into your inspirational files for home decorating projects.

I wanted to bring them off the smart phones and onto the screen in case you wanted to share it to your Pinterest boards or on your blogs! Here they are… the top twenty saved images from 2019 starting with #1…

You can find product links to most of the items in our home here. I need to get it updated though w/ links in Charlie’s nursery! Working on that this week.