What I Bought from Cyber Monday Sales

I’ve been bed-ridden since Friday with a fever so I would have loved to share more picks with you all from this weekend’s amazing sales – heck, I wish I could have shopped them more but I’ve barely had my eyes open!

I finally got a little in this afternoon before it all ended so I figured I’d share what I found that was worthwhile.


From LOFT –> 50% off

1. velvet leggings

2. fuzzy v-neck sweater

3. criss cross cozy slippers (one can never own too many slippers for these Chicago winters)

4. cozy flipside leggings

5. fuzzy lined sneakers


From J.Crew –> 50% off

1. candy cane pajamas

2. a new pair of glittens – I get every year!

3. popcorn cableknit sweater

4. new socks – lightweight stripes for leather boots and chunky camp knits for cozy cold days

5. loopy stitch oversized scarf – oversized, chunky, looks much cuter on model!


Also recommend THESE joggers for any guys in your life! The price is right and they’re a real people pleaser!


We also picked up a king size down comforter at a crazy discount we’ve been needing from Macy’s!


I also picked up this exfoliating hand peel! Hands are the first to age, people!


And shopped Mori’s sale for Henry – which is 50% off certain items including our favorite sleepsuits plus another 30% off if you take their Kindness Pledge! It’s a great deal on this 2-pack of zip-up sleepers!


Also – our white quilt that we now own in two sizes – one on our bed and one that Henry lives on in the family room – is 25% off today! So is my flannel robe that would be a LOVELY gift for any woman (mom!) in your life.


What did you end up getting?!