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Our Newborn Must-Have Items

Alrighty! Henry is five weeks old tomorrow and I’m finally getting a blog post up! Behold: the list of products we use pretty much every day if not multiple times a day and have come to love and rely on with baby boy! Also coming – hopefully this week – is my One Month with Henry post and my birth…

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Our Nursery Closet Makeover

First I’ll say, we have very limited closet space in our 140-year-old home, which is why we went with a large dresser for the nursery. That being said, I knew I wanted to make the most of the small closet the nursery does have, and I just loved what Monika Hibbs’ did with her daugher’s nursery a few years ago,…

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Our Bedroom Before and After

I’ve walked you through the entryway before and after and our living room before and after! So now I figured I’d show you all one of your favorite rooms – even though the transformation isn’t as shocking… the master bedroom! This room, along with the living room and entry, were really the three spaces that sold me on renting the…

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My New Desk

As you know, we eliminated our home office to make it a nursery (keeping the guest room in tact for ohhh ya know… visiting grandparents who might want to stay over from time to time and our out-of-town siblings and friends). But Dan works from home and I frequently do as well. Most of the time, we work sitting at…

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