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Pregnancy Update: Looking Back on the 4th Trimester

Now that Henry is 6 months old, I figured I’d post this LENGTHY post I started two months ago… I had asked all of you to submit questions and started answering… and then just never finished. Ah sorry! I wrote out the answers to the “newborn life” right at 4 months, and I’m so glad I did… this already seems…

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The Business of Blogging and Why I Do It

The folks at LinkedIn asked me (and dozens of other entrepreneurs and professionals) to share their career journey. To share what I’m in it for. Why I wake up and do what I do every day. I thought that was a pretty great topic… so here goes. It all started 18 years ago. “But, Alaina, blogs didn’t exist 18 years…

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Our New Home: The Before Tour

Here it is! Our full home tour – before move in. But after construction! I shot a lot of these on different days so with the different sun exposure, colors look different (ie the kitchen island which sometimes looks crazy light grey and other times almost looks blue). We chose all of the lighting, the countertops in kitchen and baths,…

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A Video Tour of Our New Home (phase 1: construction)

I wanted to share a walk-through of our home! We’ve had very limited access to the place since we went under contract but this was a visit I made to take measurements, count cabinets for hardware, and get a few other details. The place was largely covered in plastic since the trim was all being sprayed and walls being painted.…

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