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It’s Been a Hell of a Week

Well… week 31 of pregnancy went a LITTLE differently than others. Baby is gooood. Moving a ton. Belly is growing almost daily. I’ve been crazy sick and haven’t worked out in over a week. But really Dan’s and my stress level went up tenfold when we finally diagnosed the problem in our house…  

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The Affordable Skincare Brand I’ve Been Using for My Winter/Pregnancy Skin Woes

If I’ve had one major side effect of this pregnancy… (along with acid reflux…) it’s SERIOUSLY dry skin. Apparently this happens from pregnancy hormones? Cool. But coupled with dry Chicago winter air it has been b-r-u-t-a-l. I’ve been doing it all to combat it. Moisturize multiple times a day, sleep with a humidifier, drink loads of water and eat recommended…

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5 Questions About My Career and The Everygirl // part two

Sorry for the sporadic posting this past week… as you know, we had some exciting news last Thursday! We announced we’ll be growing our company with the launch of The Everymom – coming April 2018! And it’s just been full-steam ahead with getting a host provider set up, planning content, hiring an editor, finding contributors, etc. I’ve also been running…

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