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The House We Did Not Buy: a Victorian Farmhouse

Last year, Dan and I found a home listing I immediately fell in love with. We weren’t in any rush to move but we figured we’d go look at it, and since I don’t like pretty much everything, I assumed that would be the case. Except, it wasn’t. I fell in love. It was on a nice big lot and…

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Henry’s Small Play Nook & Art Supplies

This little nook in our family room and kitchen sat empty for quite some time after we moved in. It’s a lil’ awkward space with closets and storage on either side and a nice window. We thought maybe we could put a desk there but that didn’t make sense since the family room and kitchen were always going to be…

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My 3 Favorite Things to Gift Expecting Moms

Anyone else have an item on peoples’ wedding and baby registries they especially love to gift? Do you always get a couple place settings or the bath stuff for baby? Are you one of those who insists on going off registry? I’m a combo so long as the thing off registry is something I know they 100% need and will…

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Q&A: How to Hire a Nanny

Back in November I posted on stories asking you for your questions about hiring a nanny, and there were a lot of them! I know the process is beyond overwhelming. Finding someone special to care for your most important person in the world. Lofty task. We first started talking about and looking up child care options when I was about…

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Essentials for Nanny