27 Chic Table Lamps Under $100 (That I’d Put In My Own Home)

I would argue that lighting is one of the most important features in interior design–definitely just as important as the furniture itself.

Picture a beautiful office space. There are probably sweeping windows letting natural light flood in, lovely task lamps on each desk, and gorgeous pendant lights overhead. Now picture that same space under fluorescent lighting… not good.

I’m adamant about minimally using overhead lighting at night; I choose to turn on every possible lamp instead. And don’t get me started on LED bulbs that give off that white light similar to a fluorescent bulb. I can’t use them. I still get the “soft white” light bulbs. Soft yellow light is a very important feature in my light bulb shopping.

So yes – I would argue everyone should have at least one, probably 2-3 lamps in every room (depending on the size of the room). But basically my theory is there should be enough lamps to light the room without needing to turn on overhead lighting.

Of course, lamps can get expensive. So here are 27 great-looking table lamps under $100!

1. white patterned gourd lamp

2. stone lamp

3. modern marble table lamp

4. tall concrete lamp

5. acrylic and brass tripod lamp

6. black focus desk lamp

7. blush lamp

8. glass open column lamp

9. bamboo wicker lamp (with this shade)

10. stacked ball black lamp (set of 2)

11. marble base gold globe task lamp

12. grey geo lamp

13. wood x base table lamp (with this shade)

14. tapered ceramic and wood table lamp

15. gold-dipped task lamp

16. small acrylic and brass lamp

17. black and brass tripod lamp

18. iron lantern style desk lamp

19. rose gold geo lamp

20. acrylic and gold pillar lamp (with this shade)

21. textured grey mini table lamp

22. white and gold task lamp

23. providence lamp (set of 2)

24. glass and gold lamp base

25. clear glass urn table lamp (set of 2)

26. brass industrial task lamp

27. wooden base porcelain lamp

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