Our Babymoon: Where We’re Going and What I’m Packing

First off – 22 weeks today! Baby is officially over a pound! And I can SEE him moving like crazy. Things for the nursery are arriving in the two weeks, then it’ll just be finishing touches after that! We’re plowing through our to-do list getting the house organized and making room.

But we’re also getting all geared up for our babymoon in a few weeks!

Shortly after we found out we were pregnant in September, we were asking ourselves “ok so what’s the latest date we can travel before I can’t fly anymore?” We landed on February.

Perfect because we knew we’d want to get away in the winter months. We’ve had SO many single digit temperature days this month – more than usual. So we are aching for some sunshine and warmth. And I don’t mean a breezy 60 degree day. I’m talking 80s, sunshine, get me in a swimming pool warmth.

Of course, pretty much everywhere we want to go our doctor advised against because of the Zika virus which can have negatives effects on a growing baby should a pregnant woman or her partner catch it. I know there’s a lot of debate about Zika, definitely not a debate I want to get into. We just knew it was not worth the risk.

So we looked up places that WOULD work, many of which are too cold in January and February for our achin’ hearts desire for warmth, and settled on…



…sunny Scottsdale, Arizona!

Which coincidentally was our very first trip together during Cubs spring training four years ago! And we loved it! So beautiful, tons of outdoor activities and hikes, amazing resorts and restaurants. We’re excited!

(We would’ve loved to do Hawaii but we only have a long weekend to take off work since a. things are crazy busy w/ work (in an exciting way!),  and I’m saving vaca days for when the baby is born.)

We were on a shoe-string budget last time we visited Phoenix and stayed in a budget hotel near the airport. Things get really pricey down there once spring training starts so this time we’re going right before that all starts. And we were able to use our CC points to book a room at a resort I’ve been dying to stay at. The Boulders. Anyone been? I’ve heard amazing things, and if we just sit by the pool for three days straight, I’ll be happy as a clam.

Actually… we’re spending one day driving north to see the Grand Canyon! Something that has been on both of our bucket lists. Very excited! If you have any tips for that, we’d love to hear them! Otherwise our itinerary is wide open and relaxing. Hoping to do an easy hike and walk. Maybe play tennis. Yoga. Swim. Spa. Eat awesome food. And just relax.

Of course I have a items on my wishlist I’d like to pick up for the occasion…


My Sunny Babymoon Packing (Wish) List:

1. black straw circle tote
2. gingham two-piece swimsuit (to show off the bump?)
3. double knotted sandals
4. white and black carry-on suitcase
5. cheek tint
6. striped espadrille flats
7. ruched DD one-piece
8. polka dot one-piece (love how it fits, also got this black and white ruffle one-piece)
9. straw tote
10. round drop earrings
11. striped linen beach dress
12. painted straw hat
13. oversized white sunglasses (I love how they look on the model!)
14. H leather sandals

I’ve heard skin is much more sensitive to sunlight so I’m ordering a giant brimmed sunhat to prevent sun spots.

Also torn between the two straw bags: the black circle tote or the classic straw tote?

But otherwise, I’ve been cozy in oversized sweaters and leggings for the past few months. This will be interesting now that my tum is finally popping out and my boobs are two sizes bigger to find small, summery clothes to wear.

But especially a bathing suit!

Per a lot of your suggestion, I went up two sizes in my summer swimsuit, this ruched DD-cup one piece from J.Crew and that works great!

But I also wanted something a bit more fun for the occasion! So I ordered two ruffle-top suits (both two sizes up to accommodate my tatas) from Shopbop, and I’m torn on which one I like more!


OPTION 1: Black and White Ruffle




Thoughts?! I really like them both!

And hellooo 22-week bump! Baby boy is really making his presence known!


And any suggestions for the trip?!

Any favorite restaurants or things to do in the Scottsdale area? We’ve hiked Camelback and are looking for something a bit easier (less steep cliffs alongside the path) in my 6-month pregnant state. I’ve definitely been clumsier which is apparently a bizarre pregnancy symptom.