9 Instagram Accounts I Follow for Interior Design Inspiration

People ask all the time where I find inspiration for interior design. My answer for everything? Instagram. It’s essentially my new Pinterest (which was already the new magazines).

There are thousands of talented interior designers, stylists, and bloggers out there sharing their curated eye with all of us… it’s about taking it all in, noticing the details, and figuring out what elements you can apply in your own space.

When I looked through my “saved images” section on Instagram, I realized the majority of the interior design images came from the same accounts… so here are the 9 Instagram accounts I get the most interior design inspiration from.


You’ll notice most of them have a very traditional but fresh style.


There are other accounts I follow for interiors inspiration of course but these are the ones I come back to time and time again when I am sourcing and looking for inspiration for projects!


1. @jeanstofferdesign


2. @studiomcgee


3. @witanddelight_


4. @larkandlinen


5. @scoutandnimble


6. @onekingslane


7. @amberinteriors


8. @beckiowens


9. @chrislovesjulia