How to Style Your Home: 21 Beautiful Coffee Table Books

I’m so pleased at the response to my little “beautiful hand soaps” story on Instagram stories yesterday! Sounds like almost all of you liked it (and a few who voted “no” messaged me to say it was an accident and they loved it so I’m chalking it up as 98% of you liked it and want more)!

Your wish is my command. A new “how to style your home” series where I share the best of the best in home accents and stylist’s favorites for taking a normal room and giving it that finishing touch.

I’ll get yesterday’s fancy hand soaps into a post just like this, but for now I’m sharing MY FAVORITE COFFEE TABLE BOOKS!


I will say I own most of these books and can vouch that they are equally awesome INSIDE as well as being dynamite styling props for coffee tables, nightstands, and the like. I really love them and couldn’t recommend them enough. A few I don’t have are on my wish list (the big black TOM FORD book has been sitting in my cart for ages. Might pull the trigger today, inspired by this post!).

1. Life and Work by Maline Birger –> I’m leading with this because I know it’s expensive, and I struggled with making the purchase, but I AM SO GLAD I DID. It’s stunning. I leave it open to a different page on our coffee table and lay beads on top (like the feature image above). I get so many compliments from guests who flip through it. It’s great.
2. Eat Drink Nap by Soho House
3. The Stylish Life: Equestrian
4. The Authentics: a Lush Dive Into the Substance of Style by Melanie Acevedo
5. Chanel
6. Vanity Fair 100 Years
7. Elements of Style by Erin Gates
8. Move and Work by Maline Birger
9. Lanvin
10. Simplicity by Nancy Braithwaite
11. Interior Portraits by Victoria Hagan
12. New York
14. Oscar de la Renta
15. Habitat by Lauren Liess
16. Living in Style: Paris
17. The Kinfolk Home
18. Things That Matter by Nate Berkus
19. Dream Spaces by Victoria Hagan
20. Black and White and A Bit In Between by Celerie Kemble
21. Dior: The Collections