Charlie (and Henry’s) New Activity Center

This post is sponsored by Baby Einstein but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Oh my gosh, has our home gotten a major upgrade. As soon as I shared a video in my stories, I had a bunch of messages asking what this amazing walker was and where to find it.

We picked up the Baby Einstein™ Around We Grow™ 4-in-1 Discovery Center (available at Target!), and the boys not only love it, but it’s made life so much easier in a time when it’s anything but (trying to unpack and settle in after a move). And yes, I said boys. The toy is designed to grow with baby from first steps to toddler years, so 2-year-old Henry loves it too! It’s the first toy we’ve owned that has the boys really interacting with one another, which is so exciting in of itself. Henry demonstrates things with Charlie, and he’ll watch as Charlie explores the various play stations, too. They even look at each other and laugh and my heart explodes into one million pieces.

I’ve been a big fan of Baby Einstein™ products since Henry was born so it’s always exciting to see new items they develop for young, developing minds. Kind of like hearing your favorite TV writer is coming out with a new show.

The tabletop consists of four different sections–all of which are removable and can be played with separately on the floor if you wanted–and an attached walker that lets your little one glide around and explore the different sections. Each section provides a mix of physical and sensory experiences that promote movement and cognitive skills, and it encourages auditory, visual, and tactile discovery through 15 nature-themed toys and experiences.

The 360° walker seat itself has three height adjustments that are so easy to switch.

As you can see, we have it set up for phase 1: the walker mode. But eventually we can remove the walker and it just be a discovery table. The other two options are to swap out the play table for a plain white table (pieces included) or remove the four play sections for floor play.

Here you can more clearly see the different play parts.


Charlie uses his lil feet to rotate around the table and engage with the various parts.

The piano is Henry’s favorite part. It plays classical music and goes over the colors and animals in three languages–English, Spanish, and French. That might be my favorite part. 

Charlie loves the spinning butterfly.


   I cannot tell you how great it’s been having this in our main living space. It keeps both boys entertained–and Charlie safe!–if we have to do anything else like cook dinner or clean up (while keeping the kids in sight, of course). It doesn’t create a mess. It tucks neatly into the corner and can easily be pulled out. And like I said, I love that both boys can use it! I can’t recommend enough if you’re in the market for an activity center; seriously–add it to your cart next time you’re shopping Target.