Our Plans for a Kitchen Remodel

I honestly don’t know whether to call this a remodel, a renovation, a redesign, or what. I’m not even sure what qualifies a home project as a full-on renovation. I also have no idea when any of our desired projects will happen. For obvious safety precautions, we don’t plan on having any contractors in the home any time soon so this is a “whenever it can happen, it’ll happen” plan.

So. The kitchen. Other than painting the walls (we might tackle some rooms ourselves) and refinishing the floors, updating the kitchen is very high on our list.

Remember you can see the full video tour here!


Our New Kitchen:

The appliances and cabinets are staying, we know that much, and those are really the big ticket items. They are custom inset cabinets with dental trim; they’re really beautiful. It would be a sin to replace them, as my mom would say. Haha. And the appliances are top of the line and as far as the inspection showed in great working order, so those are staying. But pretty much all of the other finishes will change.


Refresh Inspiration:

via Park and Oak Design
via Park and Oak Design

This kitchen by Park and Oak is my dream kitchen in terms of finishes. Although I should point out while I love these pendants, we will do something less nautical (this is a lakehouse kitchen). And it’s convincing me that we can make the furniture legs on the island and flanking the oven in our kitchen work, even though I first thought they were too dated.


This kitchen I saved because it has the two cabinet tones we are hoping to recreate! We already have the beige outer cabinets and would love to stain the island to be a light wood. That of course will all depend on what kind of wood it is. We don’t know yet but I’m guessing oak since it’s the most popular cabinet wood.


The kitchen above I bookmarked because holy countertops. I love a thick island countertop. Also love when marble is beveled. But I don’t think we want marble because we would stain it 100 times a day. But I also really really love it. See where this might be tricky? Hah


via @Sarah_W_Studios, design by @lebinteriors

Sink, hardware, and cabinet inspo. The round hardware knobs are similar to what we have in our condo and I love them.

via @em_rehabitat

The kitchen above pairs a beige cabinet color with marble countertops with lighting I’m looking to get!


by Park and Oak Design and Oakley Home Builders

I shared the image above on my instagram a few weeks ago and it serves as my lighting inspiration. I want to get these exact pendants from Rejuvenation. But I’m stuck on black or brass. I’m wondering if the brass will get lost against all the beige whereas the black will add some nice contrast. TBD.


via Devol Kitchens

Cup pulls with inset cabinets and ball knobs. Le sigh.It’s a fail-proof look. We did cup pulls and ball knobs in our current condo, and I love them time and time again.


via Studio McGee

And still another example of cup pulls and ball knobs. But what caught my eye here is the backsplash. I was originally thinking white subway tile backsplash but photos of Shea McGee’s kitchen kept popping up in my feed until I was like, oooo maybe the marble slab backsplash is amazing. So I photoshopped it in below, and now I’m thinking yessssss.



So I kinda did a hack job on these photoshop mock-ups… but you get the gist!

(I forgot to add the sink to the subway tile option. Tile is also super not to scale.)

Walls will be white.

Outer cabinet color will be the same, need to match the corner cabinet w/ the others.

Island will be refinished in a lighter stain. Might change out the pedestal legs to something more contemporary, but also might not.

Change the lighting from one to two pendants. I think we’ll be ordering these but have to wait to get into the house to measure.

Add a farmhouse sink and new faucet. I love bridge faucets.

I liked how the subway tile looked, but when I plopped the marble backsplash in it just got this wow factor (for obvious reasons). The cost difference will probably be astronomical so we will see! Hah but I love both these looks! 

So this is the preliminary plan! We’ll see what is possible once we get a professional in there to sell us what can and can’t happen.