Walk Through Our New Home with Me

Alrighty! You saw the first look at our new home a few days ago! Thank you for all the well wishes. We are ecstatic. This morning we took the boys to see it for our final walk through before closing–that made it 1000% more exciting. Henry just running around. Charlie was an angel from the moment we put him in the carseat until we got back home. So two hours. Of course he had a dirty diaper in the new place, obviously had to mark his territory. Hah no but really. It was surreal being there with the two of them. I can’t wait for all the memories that await.

Below is the full video tour. Well, it doesn’t have the basement or the back yard but you get the lay of the land. I share some plans we have ruminating. 

And before you go any further, this is just a tiny Photoshop sneak peek of what is to come.

And that’s just happening before move in!

Hardwood floors will get stained starting Friday. Might even move our move date back again to get it painted before moving in. Waiting on an estimate from the painter we used in this home and loved. Stay tuned. We’ll paint the mantel white for now until we can get someone in to replace it. I explain in the before home tour post the width disparity between the mantel and the molding above it looks off-balance to me. It makes more sense visually for the mantel to be wider. This is top heavy and just looks off to me.

And here is the full video tour! Naturally, Henry stole the show. He’s a one man show, it’s hard for him not to.


Will share kitchen redesign plans tomorrow!


See the full before tour w/ plans here.