Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks with Baby Schmieder // The Third Trimester!

Today marks the beginning of the third trimester.

HOW?! How is that even possible?! I could technically deliver a full term baby in 9 weeks! That’s less than 10 weeks away! WHAT!

Excuse my shock…

I kept saying those first few weeks of being pregnant… time. stood. still. Really it moved slowly until we hit that “safe” 14-week mark when the chance of miscarriage drops immensely. And since then it’s just been full steam ahead (the holidays helped – and throwing myself into work), and there is clearly no slowing down… he’s coming! And soon!


The excitement and impatience to actually MEET this PERSON that is growing inside of me is also becoming more real. Feeling him move and kick and turn and knowing he’s fully developed and could technically be born and survive is all just making me so anxious to actually meet and get to know this little guy. See what he looks like!

Speaking of what he looks like… we’re probably going in next weekend at 29 weeks to do a second 3D ultra-sound! We did one at 17 weeks which is the earliest they allow it and it was surreal, so I can’t imagine what it will be now that he’s a bit more filled out with fat and love and stuff.


Bump Update: Week 28 (Third Trimester!)

Ohhh thought I’d dress up a bit for the third trimester bump!

Love love love Ingrid and Isabel for maternity-wear ps. Great price point. So comfy. Here’s the black dress I have on above; and I wore the striped version of it on our babymoon!

Apparently Baby S is the size of an eggplant and you can almost always see my bump now pending some large sweaters. And boy can you feel it! I’m actually at the point where I WANT to show it off but this stupid sweater weather is preventing it!





95% done! More details below…



I started doing BodyFit by Amy on Youtube and really like it. It’s a great, quick way to get your heart rate up and nothing about this low impact prenatal workout has me worried I’ll be injured or in a lot of pain… but a combination of squats, planks, and light aerobic exercise is so nice to get in after a long day of sitting on my computer.

I also teamed up with Equinox for a three-month membership which…

1. gives me access to a pool – I swam 43 laps my first time in a few days ago and I haven’t been in a pool in ages. Dan calls me a water baby. Hah it’s the one exercise that comes naturally to me and it’s relaxing and it’s a place I’m comfortable having spent SO much of my life in a pool. (Fun fact: I swam competitively from the ages of 5-14, so I just loooove jumping into a pool.)

2. I’ll also be working with a trainer there once or twice a week just to get a good workout in but that is pregnancy safe. Really excited to stay healthy in this final home stretch…



I’ve got a new one! SMOOTHIES.

I found out at my last appointment my iron was low (I hardly ever eat red meat), so Dan started making me smoothies with loads of spinach. And now I want one daily. We do: spinach, almond milk, banana, frozen berries, peanut butter, flax and chia seeds. They’re delicious.

Otherwise… who am I kidding. Cookies. Ideally chocolate chip cookies.



Pregnancy Update

Still taking a low-dose antibiotic nightly… which I don’t like but it seems to be working. And I ordered these crazy good probiotics at the suggestion of a reader (that my doc approved) and am starting those this week.

Baby boy is still quite active! Like clock work… I felt Baby S’ hiccup-ping Friday night while we were hanging in the living room watching Queer Eye on Netflix. The cutest tiny little rhythmic flutters. I can also feel his body parts when they’re jutting out but I have no idea what I’m feeling. I’m not going to lie I LOVE feeling it.

Dan reads to him and he always moves a bit when he hears his voice – apparently he can recognize and distinguish our voices now so that’s exciting.



Well other than the black dress above, I also got a navy lace Ingrid and Isabel dress for the baby shower!

AND picked up some white maternity jeans as we head into warmer months. Way more budget friendly option here and here.

Otherwise I’ve held off for a long while now on any more baby clothes purchases – especially with the showers coming up.

Other recent purchase was the curtains for the nursery…

Oh! And his initial in a stainless steel for his nursery. Which I was ODDLY excited by the arrival of. Just makes it more HIS space now.

And as you saw, our new desk arrived for our master bedroom since the office is now a nursery.

Above are a few favorite things for Baby S I wanted to share:
organic cotton onesies from Baby Moricrazy soft
wooden mouse push-along toy from Happy Go Ducky Toys
top knot baby cap that grows with baby from Monica and Andy
“The Story of You” baby book from Artifact Uprising
wooden fawn teether
knit pup doll from Cuddle and Kind – this is small size


Nursery Update

As I said above, the nursery is 95% done.

Our handyman came this past week to change out the ceiling light fixture from Serena & Lily and properly hang and safely secure the very heavy mirror on the wall above the dresser.

Also this amazing ship kite from Haptic Lab arrived! We’ll be hanging this from the ceiling instead of a mobile. Obsessed.

The only “big” things left to do are getting window hardware – our blackout curtains arrived – and hanging those. I really wanted these linen blackout curtains but we need 120″ length so had to get these linen-cotton blackout curtains.

And hanging wall bookshelves.

Otherwise it’s down to the details… styling and organizing.

I have two baby showers in the next few weeks – one on each side of the fam which is so amazing and generous – so a lot will be brought into the space with gear, clothes, and essentials that will need a place to live.

Oh AND we’re finishing up his little closet make-over which we decided to just hire our handyman for… to say he can do it much faster than us is a huge understatement… hah and ultimately in terms of time and money, it will be less expensive.

The color we went with is Behr’s “Norwester” at 75% lighter.


Our To Do List for the Nursery:

  • choose art for the walls –> DONE
  • a bookshelf for toy and book storage –> ordered this tall pretty wood bookshelf from Wayfair that will go next to the crib –> DONE
  • window treatments –> still need to hang
  • a lamp –> ordered this pharmacy floor lamp in antique brass from Wayfair –> DONE
  • switch out ceiling light fixture –> DONE
  • hang art –> DONE
  • hang mirror –> DONE
  • paint and organize closet

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