Henry’s Small Play Nook & Art Supplies

This little nook in our family room and kitchen sat empty for quite some time after we moved in. It’s a lil’ awkward space with closets and storage on either side and a nice window. We thought maybe we could put a desk there but that didn’t make sense since the family room and kitchen were always going to be Henry’s space with his nanny during the day. Not ideal for us to work. But we did end up putting a playmat over here for Henry when he was crawling which worked fine but didn’t necessarily look pretty in our main living space.

Then when I started working on Charlie’s nursery with Crate & Kids last summer, I realized we should make this a play nook for Henry anchored by the perfect size area rug. It couldn’t fit more perfectly! He knows it’s his little area. The rug is 4×6, the table is small enough and tucked into the corner we have two chairs (which hold up to 200 lbs so we can sit there with him–they’re not awkwardly small and dinky like some children’s furniture!), and the bookshelf also fits like a glove. We’ve since added a lamp for the bookshelf since it would get a little dark over there in the winter and we all know I loathe overhead lighting. 🙂

And how darling is that rainbow wall hanging?! The colors compliment the rug perfectly.

Henry uses this space for everything… mainly coloring, but also has snacks, reads books, does his Kinetic sand and Play Doh, paints, and plays with some toys. It might not be a large play room, but it’s been perfect for our lil dude.


I’m always asked about Henry’s art supplies. It’s all from Amazon or Target. Mostly Crayola since it washes so easily. Hope this helps! 🙂


1. Crayola crayons – I tried some other “toddler” varieties below but now he uses regular crayons!

2. bulk white construction paper (100 sheets for $3.69)

3. giant washable paint – we went through the tiny paint jars so fast so we now use these and the paint palette

4. 1000+ stickers including stickers for all the holidays!

5. bulk construction paper – what we used to make Henry’s Valentine’s hearts on his door

6. 30 paint brushes – great for experimenting

7. Kinestic sand–somehow he doesn’t eat this. Tucker, however, does. The case keeps it contained!

8. jumbo crayons for toddlers – these were great when he was younger, but now he uses normal sized crayons

9. toddler coloring book

10. twistable crayons – great if your kid is an eater!

11. paint tray palette – wipes clean with water

12. toddler art smock – 4 colors

13. chairs – hold up to 200lb! come in 12 colors

14. adjustable leg height play table

15. paper roll attachment for table

16. low bookshelf – ideal for the Montessori method of displaying toys (same green color as Charlie’s dresser)

17. pastel shag rug

18. Rainbow wall hanging


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