My 3 Favorite Things to Gift Expecting Moms

Anyone else have an item on peoples’ wedding and baby registries they especially love to gift? Do you always get a couple place settings or the bath stuff for baby? Are you one of those who insists on going off registry?

I’m a combo so long as the thing off registry is something I know they 100% need and will use (like the baby pajamas listed below). Now that I’ve been invited to quite a few baby showers or have friends having babies, I’ve come to rely on these three products more than any others. They are also the things I tell a new mom to get when they ask for advice!

Here we go–my three favorite brands and products to gift expecting moms.


1. Lovevery Play Gym

If the mom-to-be registered for this (which if we are close enough friends, I probably strongly encouraged her to), the Lovevery play gym is my go-to shower gift. If they registered for a different play gym, obviously I am not going to get this and will find something else on the registry but I just love this product and love that it lasts from birth-18 months basically! The quality and purpose are unparalleled–we’re on round two of using it with Charlie.


2. Mori zip sleepsuits

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, these are my favorite baby pajamas. And I’ve tried them all. And honestly I really like a lot of them; but these are what my boys wear the most. They hold up to wash and dry after wash and dry, whereas some materials and brands, you’re not supposed to put in the dryer. Who has time for that?! I’m washing Charlie’s clothes almost daily with how much he drools and spits up. These are just ultra soft, extra roomy – no tight ankle holes or pants and sleeves to squeeze their chubby limbs into. They’re the best! And they fit true to size. Also using all of Henry’s for Charlie so while they are a higher price than others–you get your money’s worth if you buy gender neutral colors! Charlie is also wearing the space style in the photo above w/ the play gym.


3. Cuddle and Kind dolls

I love love love Cuddle and Kind dolls. They are so cute, and for every doll sold, the company provides ten meals to children in need. Both of my boys own two, which is already one more than anyone needs–and still any time I get an email about a new doll, I want to add it to their collection. (I restrain myself.) There are very few products and brands in the world I feel this way about but this company is one that I do. The dolls are handmade, heirloom quality and they’re also a decorative piece to a nursery or kids room. They just came out with the darling unicorn with a rainbow and I love her. Anywho–this is an extra special item I love to gift since the price point is a bit high so it might not be a purchase you make when you have 100 other things to buy for new baby. I recommend splurging for the larger size.



If you need any other ideas on what to gift or register for, check out my favorite and most used baby products here!


What is your go-to baby shower gift? Is there a favorite item you like to buy off the registry every time?