We’re Moving

my new home office

As you all know, I’ve been talking about how we’d be moving for quite some time, and now that we have our move date actually booked, I figured it’s safe to tell you… we are moving!

However, it’s happening next month. In the middle of a global pandemic.

We have loved our condo but with baby #2 joining our family a little sooner than we had originally planned, we really wanted to settle into a long-term single family home closer to family and have things like a fourth bedroom for guests and an office, a basement, and a yard. I’m going to have a longer commute to work but that’s ok. The benefits greatly outweighed any negatives.

To fully explain how we got here… we actually sold our current home back in January. Getting the house listing-ready and doing a showing w/ two babies and a dog wasn’t the easiest task but we made it happen. We had listed it on a private network back when we thought we were going to be buying the house I shared last week. We received an offer on our place hours after learning we did not get the other house so our options were to take what was a great offer and plan on finding a home, or turn it down and do the whole thing again. No surprise, we took the offer. We wanted to be out by summer anyway and the buyers agreed to a flexible close date of “on or before the end of May 2020.” Which gave us four months to find a home. We were confident we could do it.

But then coronavirus hit. And now it’s April. Which means next month we are moving during a global pandemic. 🙁

My mind immediately went into panic mode but our realtor assured us real estate is still an essential industry and all facets of it are operating including movers, inspections, appraisals, even virtual showings.

It’s hard to put into words how I can be so excited and so anxious about something at the same time.

I’m so excited for the home we found and being closer to family and having a backyard. We know this is the right decision for our family.

Of course I’m also extremely nervous orchestrating a move that will keep everyone involved safe–the boys, the movers, Dan and myself. I am trying to plan out every detail of how we can get things packaged and moved safely to minimize contact. My head is spinning. Lists are growing. I’ll spare you all of the details until after it happens because who knows how it will eventually go down.

A few months ago, we had no way of knowing the rapid changes and challenges the world would be facing now, and instead of questioning it, we moved forward as this was a great opportunity for our family. Somehow we are going to make it happen, and I appreciate all of your support and kindness you’ve shown our family over the years.

the guest room

I’ll share more details about the house, more photos, and some plans I have for it soon. At the very least they’ll hopefully serve as a distraction from all of the frightening and devastating headlines and news alerts.

Stay safe everyone.