Getting Ready for Baby #2: The Nursery Design

This post was made in collaboration with Chase Freedom Unlimited but all of the opinions are my own.

Alrighty… we are trucking along with our to-do list!

First we tackled having the stair runner installed, then I embarked on organizing all of baby boy’s clothes (er hand-me-downs) from Henry.

And here we are at my favorite item on the list: designing the nursery.

Fun fact: I actually started designing a girl nursery when I first found out I was pregnant since I was so convinced it was a girl. I really wanted to feature light wood as the main “color” (I realize wood is not a color) with whimsical blush, sky blue, and mustard yellow accents – kind of like this beautiful girls’ room. Of course we found out baby #2 is a boy and yes shame on me for sticking to gender norms, but I swapped the blush for muted hunter and sage green accents – kind of like I did in our powder room! – and went full steam ahead with more of a woodsy/outdoor theme for our baby boy nursery. Luckily, I had my Chase Freedom Unlimited card to help me out along the way. 



We are switching out what was our never-finished office to be baby brother’s nursery!

Don’t you love our paper window treatments? Hah this room gets hit with harsh afternoon and evening sun, so this has been our temporary solution as I’ve been putting off getting window treatments. (That has been remedied and I’ll share in a post soon!)

A few folks have asked, why not let the boys share a room so that we can keep our office? I am ALL FOR room sharing once they’re a bit older, and their sleep routine is more established. Henry sleeps 11-12 hours through the night 99% of the time unless he’s sick or teething – I don’t want lil newborn brother waking him up repeatedly throughout the night. And vice versa – if baby brother ever IS sleeping a good stretch, I don’t want Henry waking him up. But more so, the two bedrooms in this place are just too small for the boys to share. I don’t even know where a twin bed would fit at this point in Henry’s little room let alone two cribs.

So, while we’re in this place, they’ll each have their own space, Dan and I lose our office and will work in the dining room if need be, and that’s that! We knew this wouldn’t be a long-term home when we moved in and baby #2 came a bit ahead of schedule (a very lucky, happy surprise!), so we’re making do while we are here.

The room is quite small so it’s definitely going to be a bit snug once everything is in there. Fortunately, babies don’t need a lot of room, and I think it will look great once it’s finished!



Which brings me to the nursery design! I’ve been picking up a few decorative accents from some of my favorite shops on the internet using my Chase Freedom Unlimited cash back credit card (and earning 1.5% cash back to boot)!

I bought these darling animal prints (two little cubs and two little wolf pups), ordered two of these pom pom bins for storage, The Magic is in You flag, and some vintage art I found!

As for the whole nursery design, well, here it is!

From Top Left:

striped blackout curtain

brass curtain rod

vintage moose print

lace trim blanket

gold disc mobile

wooden wall shelf

The Magic is in You flag

vintage photograph

white and wood table lamp – sold out

changing storage basket


bear hamper

oversized mat frames (size 8×10)

little cubs and wolf pup prints


shaggy plus sign rug

deer knit stuffed animal

printed quilt

reclining glider

green throw pillow

side table

campaign bookshelf

yellow pom pom bins

deer nightlight

vintage landscape painting

wooden pyramid

wooden Montessori rainbow

dipped stool


I shared this photo on Instagram after a few of the key pieces arrived – notably… the crib! It’s is amazing quality. A favorite piece. And the rug is so cozy. And the hamper – how sweet!



And as a refresher, here was Henry’s nursery design plan – as you can see, a completly different color palette for sure with all of the blue and grey! You can see all of the product links here!

Which room do you like more?! I won’t be offended either way. 🙂

My goal is to have the whole nursery put together by next week, so about a month in advance of the due date. I’m planning on this lil dude being a bit early like Henry was, so I want to make sure the nursery is completely finished so I’m not working on it once he’s here.

Stay tuned for more progress and check out how I’ve been using my cash back credit card getting ready for baby number 2 here and here!