A Video Tour of Our New Home (phase 1: construction)

I wanted to share a walk-through of our home! We’ve had very limited access to the place since we went under contract but this was a visit I made to take measurements, count cabinets for hardware, and get a few other details. The place was largely covered in plastic since the trim was all being sprayed and walls being painted.

I shot this to send to our family members so excuse the poor quality and minimal narrative but I think you get the gist!

We were able to get in to see it a couple of days ago and drop stuff off – lighting and hardware – and it’s so close to being done! I’ve had so many questions about moving – we can’t close until the building is finished and a city inspection is done securing that it’s ok to be lived in. Hopefully will happen here soon!

I’ll share a full tour w/ photos in the next day or so. For now… enjoy! And excuse the construction noise!


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I shared plans for our kitchen (including the Quartz countertops ya’ll have asked about!) and plans and photos of the bathrooms!