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Our Plans for a Kitchen Remodel

I honestly don’t know whether to call this a remodel, a renovation, a redesign, or what. I’m not even sure what qualifies a home project as a full-on renovation. I also have no idea when any of our desired projects will happen. For obvious safety precautions, we don’t plan on having any contractors in the home any time soon so…

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Walk Through Our New Home with Me

Alrighty! You saw the first look at our new home a few days ago! Thank you for all the well wishes. We are ecstatic. This morning we took the boys to see it for our final walk through before closing–that made it 1000% more exciting. Henry just running around. Charlie was an angel from the moment we put him in…

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Our New Home Tour – The Before

Drum roll… our new home tour! I’m so excited to open our virtual doors to what will become our new home this week. First, how we came to get this home!… I have to show you this because it truly is crazy. We saw the listing come on with a price reduction; I saw it was a great location where…

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Studio McGee for Target: What I’m Buying

Best news to hit my feed in a while – Studio McGee is launching a collection with Target’s Threshold line! Two brands I’ve always loved coming together. The Studio McGee look at crazy affordable prices. I’m going to be stocking up. I know I’ll make use of all of this–not just for my job with photo shoots (SO many great…

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