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The House That Got Away

A few months ago, Dan and I put an offer on a house we were confident we’d get. It had been sitting for over a year and the asking price was within our budget–so why wouldn’t we get it?! I actually shared a photo of it on my Instagram muahaha sneaky sneaky. Well, the day after we put in our…

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Retail Therapy: 6 Things I Bought Online This Week

We are in our second week at home, my third working exclusively remotely, and it feels like it’s been a month or more. Still I cannot complain at all–my family gets to be home together and we’re all safe and healthy while so many out there are sick from or fighting this virus on the frontlines. So I couldn’t ask…

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My Calming, Anti-Anxiety Nighttime Routine

I started writing this intro about when and why my panic started setting in 1-2 weeks ago, but that just increases my own and all of your anxiety and at this point–we all know what is going on. Let’s be honest. It’s a scary scary time. Last weekend I could not sleep. Maybe 2-3 hours a night because my mind…

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12 Changes I’m Making During the COVID-19 Quarantine

It’s crazy if you look at your social media posts from a week ago. Surreal how much can change in such a short period of time. But it’s better to be quick to act than wait and waiver and think maaaaybe. We had our employees start working from last week Monday and have gone into personal self-quarantine as of a…

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